Telephone giant, MTN Nigeria, opens an online portal which easily verifies customer National-IDs through a simple online registration.

Customers are required to fill in their name, phone number, National ID number and email address to fulfil the requirement.

Nigerians were outraged yesterday when government asked phone subscribers to verify their lines with National Identification Numbers (NIN) within two weeks.

Government officials had warned in a statement that defaulters will have their lines barred after 30 December 2020 until they complied.

Citizens envisaged a mad rush and long lines that will form at customer service centres, reminiscent of similar past shoddy policy directives.

If you are an MTN subscriber, you can access link here.

MTN warns however that the links remain “unverified” until confirmed by NIMC, the National ID issuing organisation.

“This means you may be required to re-validate this information in person, in the future,” it said on its website.

No other network has hit on this unique service at the time of writing this report today 17 December.

Airtel gave its customers a link to NIMC registration centres while other network operators remained mum.

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If you’re MTN customer you can visit an online portal to fill a simple form that verifies and easily links your Customer National-IDs to your line.