My new car is a museum piece laments how fuel price hike threatens a hardworking lady’s business and life.

By Veronica’s Daughter

My new car is a Toyota Tundra. I have driven this truck for 3 years.

The day this truck was given to me, my boyfriend kept saying…hope u know that this motor na 8 cylinder? No be ur old Honda CRV or Lexus 350 o!

I laughed. Ogbeni, gimme key.

My boyfriend doesn’t like trucks or even jeeps. He prefers salon cars. As tall as he is, over 6ft, he will fold himself into a saloon car with plenty leg room…

Me? Tomboy of the ages, my dream na to drive Dangote Truck. I will still do it.

I fuel my car because na my mobility and I dey use am transport my goods from park, to fair and deliver baby things for customers. The baby beds and wardrobes I sell, sometimes e no dey enter customer car. So, my truck is my baby…

I drive cross country. I speed, but with care. This Tundra is my spirit car.

The last time I bought a full tank was on 29 May, after dem say Fuel Subsidy is gone! I picked up my keys, drove and with N30,000, filled my tank, although I had some fuel.

I parked my truck because let’s face it, capacity is 100 litres, with fuel at 600 naira per litre. Who get N60k to fill tank? Where I dey go?

I started driving my second car, a Corolla which I hated because its low and e dey vex me.

If you have a Corolla…Jesus loves you. The fuel economy fit make u cry. My Tundra became a museum piece, only to be admired and taken out for special occasions or to carry load.

Full am!

Las Las, the fuel went down to quarter tank. On Saturday, I say make I go NNPC full am.

With my heart in my hands, I said…fill up. The lady looked at me and said….


I said, “full am.”

Filled it with N50k plus😭😭

I was shaken.

I paid.

Attended my event and went home.

Una never notice say over the weekend I quiet?

I feel lethargic, sad, pained, feverish. My head aches and I’m in pains.

N50k for fuel that if I drive my car normal, e no go last me all of 2 weeks?

As I come from church yesterday, I dey room, up till now

I’m still not feeling fine.

This is not a joke. I’m not laughing. How am I going to survive? N100k fuel monthly?

Abeg, how can I make money that will not vex God?

Look my face for this (cover) pic…I really no well. I use my last card buy fuel.

God abeg.

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