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Nigeria Coronavirus: NCDC confirms 387 new #Covid19 cases

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (@NCDCgov) confirmed last night that 387 new cases and two deaths from #Covid19 were recorded nationwide yesterday 29 May 2020., pushing up the number of cases reported in the country to date at 9,302.

The two persons that died in Nigeria from the disease were from Kaduna and Adamawa States, according to figures extracted from the NCDC table.

The 387 new cases were reported from 14 states including Lagos (254), FCT(29), Jigawa(24), Edo(22), Oyo(15), Rivers(14),Kaduna(11), Borno(6), Kano(3), Plateau(2), Yobe(2), Gombe(2), Bauchi(2), Ondo(1).

Lagos continues without slow-down

Lagos, the epicentre of the disease, accounts for 65 percent of yesterday’s cases and is not showing any signs of a slowdown in the spread of disease.

The State has reported 4,377 cases to date, which is over 47 percent of the current national spread, according to NCDC figures.

Lagos also lagged yesterday in the number of persons discharged as it had none.

Kano, the second most prevalent State for the disease showed resilience yesterday as it reported the most discharged patients, put at 53 out of the total of 105 persons discharged nationwide.

Apart from States in the South East, others that discharged Covid19 patients include Kaduna (9), Oyo (7), Rivers, Plateau and Zamfara (5 each), Bauchi (3), Borno (2), and Ondo (1).

South East Lets off Five

The South East was quiet yesterday, as five Covid19 patients were judged to have been fully recovered and were discharged.

Enugu State discharged four of the patients while the remaining person was let go from Imo.

The region did not report any new case yesterday, and no death was recorded for her either.

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#Lagos, the epicentre of #Covid19 disease in #Nigeria, accounts for 65 percent of yesterday’s cases and is not showing signs of a slowdown. It currently accounts for 47 percent of nationwide spread.