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Enugu Metro Advert Rates is published to guide customers placing adverts on our website. Advert bookings are done online, at our Enugu Corporate Headquarters, with our Business Partners, and through field marketing staff. Also included are rates for sponsored articles and videos for advertisers who want to feature them as well.

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Here are things to note about the new Enugu Metro Advert Rates:

  1. For CPM, advertisers are mandated to buy a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month for this new Enugu Metro Advertising Rates;
  2. Submit materials electronically in jpg and gif image formats only. Contact our marketing team, using the form provided below, if you want to use other formats.
  3. Adverts are now listed in local currency. Contact us for US$ denominated ads.
  4. Make payments by electronic transfers (SMS banking, ATM Transfers, Bank Apps, Quickteller, and electronic banking) to our business services account: Mulltia Limited – Business Services, Access Bank, Account No. 0814142070.
  5. Make Standard US$ payments through the PayPal e-payment gateway on the website.
  6. Do not pay cash to our Business Partners, Account Representatives, or our office staff. Acceptable mode of payments include PayPal, local SMS transfers, ATM transfers, Banking Apps, or teller payments in the Bank.
  7. Current customers to please quote their PINs on description of payments.
  8. Kindly use any of the channels below to reach us now for further enquiries, placements or other matters.

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By Ogbuagu Anikwe

Ogbuagu is a prose stylist and a cross-cutting media manager with hands-on experiences in print, online and broadcast media management in Nigeria. He interrogates sociopolitical issues and communicates solutions with his trademark simplicity and disarming depth.