…thousands thrown into darkness as Coy suddenly withdraws ‘old’ prepaid meters

Thousands of public electricity consumers in the South East region are groaning as their monopoly supplier, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), suddenly came up with a decision to immediately phase out what it calls “standalone prepaid meters” and replace them with “smart prepaid meters.”

Management of the company said it is the responsibility of existing electricity users whose meters have been withdrawn to apply and process the replacement of the meters.

Customers whose credit ran out over the holidays were left stranded as EEDC insisted that they immediately migrate to the manual “estimated billing charge” system if they wanted services to be restored.


Consumers who visited district offices were told to apply for a new meter while they will revert to estimated billing until their application is approved.

“In case the customer has already exhausted the credit and is running out of supply (sic), customers are requested to contact the nearest EEDC customer service unit.

” A team will immediately visit the customer service location to decommission the existing meter and get the connection migrated to post paid.

In an undated release, management of the company said it is the responsibility of existing users whose meters have been withdrawn to apply and process the replacement of their meters.

Here is the press release from the EEDC:

One customer who went to the EEDC office at Agbani Road, Enugu, told eMetro news that “the Company refused to recharge for me saying that our types of meter cannot be recharged anymore.

“They are asking that we request for a new meter and secondly they said we will need to apply for estimate billing plan,” she said.

“I’m really at a crossroads now,” she lamented. “I can’t recharge and can’t use public power supply.”

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