Imo scales up sampling for Coronavirus

The Imo Covid-19 Committee is raising daily sample testing from three to 10 to detect possible occurrences of cases of Covid-19, its chairman, Prof. Maurice Iwu has said.

He said in a release that there is still no positively confirmed case of coronavirus disease in Imo and promised that his committee will use caution and boldness to prevent the disease from penetrating the state.

Those being tested are patients in both public and private hospitals and Prof. Iwu appealed to them not to feel embarrassed when relevant hospital authorities demand to run random sample tests on them “as it portends no harm nor meant to stigmatize any patient.”

“Regardless of what the Ministry of Information does, regardless of what the Security Agencies do, regardless of what the Government does, if we, the people of Imo State do not collectively agree to save ourselves, nobody can save us.”

He explained that the ‘deliberate loose lockdown’ from the government was for people to move around within their immediate communities to find food and other basic necessities, but should not be abused.

He also appealed to the media not to cause panic with their reports and to report any suspicious reports of cases to the committee rather than go to town with it.

“If by chance you hear a rumour, it doesn’t have to be factual, send that rumour to us, but if you broadcast the rumour, then you’re helping spread the virus and you’re causing panic as rumour mongering is a major asset to the virus.”