Five Nigerian boys seeking  asylum in Cyprus allegedly gang-rape a fellow Nigerian female, authorities said.

The assault reportedly took place last week Tuesday but was reported two days later on Thursday, 17 November.

Police did not reveal the victim’s identity but promised to evacuate her as soon as they locate a safer facility.

The incident occurred at midnight in Pournara reception centre located in the Kokkinotrimithia province, police said.

Pournara is a major holding camp for asylum seekers in the Middle Eastern country. There are frequent reports of incidents of rape in the overcrowded camp, authorities said.

Cyprus became an attractive destination for asylum seekers from Asia and Africa because of EU rules and lax immigration policy, according to reports.

In 2021, Cyprus processed over 14,000 asylum applications of those arriving from Bangladesh, Cameroon, DRC, India, Nigeria and Syria.

Police usually herd asylum seekers into the Pournara Camp from where immigration will process their applications.

Reports say life is tough inside the camp and in the country generally for asylum seekers. They frequently face acute hunger, lack of accommodation, and no jobs.

“There’s not much of a difference between what I saw there and Nigeria,” a recent returnee said.

“It was hell for me.”

A recent report painted the harsh reality of asylum seekers stuck in Cyprus with no one to help.

Five Nigerian boys gang-rape Nigerian female asylum seeker in Cyprus