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Nigeria’s Covid-19 deaths rise

With 38 new cases reported an hour ago, the dreaded Covid-19 has now encircled two-thirds of Nigeria’s 36 states, touching 665 persons and killing 22.

Lagos State was surprisingly missing from the list which included confirmed cases from Kano (23), Gombe (5), Kaduna (3), Borno (2), Abia (2) and one case each from FCT, SOKOTO and Ekiti.

NCDC said that out of the 665 cases so far confirmed, 188 luckly ones among them made full recovery and have been discharged,.

Nigerians continue to be hopeful especially because for the past two weeks, more than a quarter of all patients confiemed to have contracted the disease have fully recoverd

Although the number of people who had succumbed to the Covid-19 disease is relatively low, the numbe of deaths dramatically rose by almost 100% within three days.

Todays announcement by the NCDC indicates that five more states are now added to the places that the Coronavirus has made a landfall.

The new states are Gombe, Borno, Abia, Sokoto, and Jigawa.

Lagos State continues to account for more than half of the cases being reported, numbers from NCDC show.

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  1. Only looking up to Jesus Christ will continue to guarantee our hope for total safety from covid-19.
    Let us stay safe.

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