Nike Lake Hotel Board fights encroachments by developers

The Nike Lake Resort Hotel management board is appealing to Enugu Capital Territory Development Administration (ECTDA) to restore sanity in the hotel vicinity, following accusations that developers are damaging retaining walls and building structures that lead to flooding in the hotel.

Board chair, Mrs. Ugochi Madueke, told newsmen that she had forwarded an an appeal to the ECTDA to stop the work of developers who have blocked the lake with an illegal structure that causes overflow at the hotels popular “Omenala Bar” section.

She specifically mentioned a gas plant and other buildings that were being put up on the waterway and have ended up blocking the lake and causing an overflow into the hotel grounds.

The appeal to the ECTDA became necessary, she said, because owners of illegal structures damaging the hotel have ignored a stop-work order from the Enugu State Ministry of Environment, which was issued on 13 February.

The illegal structures include concrete retaining walls and buildings close to the Hotel, she said.

She said ECTDA has to act promptly to remove the structures and protect the lake from future avoidable overflows which pose a threat to the hotel.

Mrs. Madueke said the structures being build around the lake is distorting its ambience and negatively impacting on the aspirations of Gov. Ugwuanyi to reposition Nike Lake “to play its leading role as a tourist attraction and centre for relaxation” in the South East.

She said her Board is determined to frustrate “any act that is capable of undermining the realization of this vision.”

“This water retainer is stopping water from flowing in the lake.

“This retaining wall and other illegal structures inside and beside this lake were responsible for the recent overflow we encountered at the ‘Omenala’ Bar of this cherished hotel.

“If we don’t stop this wall now as well as other structures affecting this lake, then it is going to be a problem not just to the ‘Omenala’ Bar but also to the main hotel and we won’t allow it to happen.

“So, we are begging the government, we are calling on Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority to come to our rescue. This is a matter of urgent public interest,” she said

Nike Lake Hotel Boad fights encroachments by developers accused of damaging retaining walls and building structures that which leaves the hotel flooded.

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