National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) rejects NINs linked to Bank Verification Numbers – BVNs – as incomplete and therefore unacceptable.

Bank customers whose BVN numbers are linked to NIN must visit NIMC enrolment centres to complete their registration.

Agency Spokesperson, Mr. Kayode Adegoke, confirmed that NIMC hitherto harmonised some BVNs with National Identification numbers.

“Truly, we have harmonised our data with some BVN data. But it is an incomplete process until you register with NIMC.

“If you don’t register with NIMC, efforts to generate your NIN will show ‘record not found.'”

Adegoke emphasized that information volunteered at the banks by individual customers are not sufficient for proper NIN enrolment.

Those who find that their BVN is linked to NIN must visit NIMC designated centres to be properly registered, the NIMC has said.

NIMC reaction followed viral social media claims that bank customers with BVN already have NIN and need not register anew.

Adegoke dismissed the claims because, according to him, the commission must capture peoples’ data first before allocating NIN to them.

Rush to link Phones to NIN

NIMC’s declaration that NINs linked to BVNs are unacceptable adds to the confusion as government plans to block phone lines for customers who fail to link their phone numbers to the NIN database.

Government directed Nigeria’s telecom companies to block SIM cards of their subscribers not linked with valid NINs before 30 December 2020.

This deadline for subscribers with NINs to link their phones was however extended by three weeks to 19 January 2021. It has since expired.

Subscribers without NIN have until 9 February 2021 to enrol in the national identity database and link their phone numbers.

The orders have created panic, with citizens daily crowding NIMC enrolement centres seeking to obtain a national identity number.

Staff of NIMC also chose the moment to threaten strike action in a bid to force government to improve working conditions.