Renowned sports industry activist, Nkechi Obi, speaks at the 6 November edition of Nkata Umuibe in Enugu, the Coal City.

Venue is Enugu Sports Club. Centre for Memories sponsors the talks which feature accomplished citizens from diverse fields.

In the November edition, Obi examines the potentials of a Southeast resurgence through sports.

She is  a bespoke Sports Management Consultant with three decades of experience in management, marketing, and administration.

Event organisers said they wished to rekindle the past when “Ala Igbo exported incredibly talented athletes across the world.

“These men and women won many laurels at local and international levels,” the invitation notice said.

Mrs Obi interrogates factors that propelled past successes l. She also offers expert suggestions on how to resurrect, refine and replicate them across the region.

She will also lead the follow-up conversation centred on economic importance and significance of sports in the Southeast.

About the Speaker

Nkechi Obi is Chief Executive Officer of Sport Nigeria and Premium Sports Management Services Limited (PSMS).

Both companies design and manage sports projects. The projects target the private sector and aim at making the sector a catalyst for sports development in Nigeria.

Among projects initiated to achieve the objective includes the very successful Team Nigeria Project that ran between 2003 and 2007.

Team Nigeria harnessed private and public sector funding for the training and participation of Nigeria’s athletes. Beneficiaries participated at international multi-sport events such as the Olympics, Commonwealth, All Africa Games and many more.

She also promotes capacity development in sports administration as a key component of sports development.

Obi sees the private sector as “the chief driver of the development of sports as an industry.”

The Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) appointed her as pioneer chair of the Sports Industry Thematic Group of

Her work in this group midwifed the process for the development of a new National Sports Industry Policy. A significant portion of the policy considered how to harness at least US$5 Billion in Investment over a 10-year duration. This budget, she believes, should reposition the sports industry as a private sector-led contributor to economic and social development of Nigeria.”


Nkechi Obi speaks at Nkata Umuibe

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