All Progressives Congress, APC, says inclusion of Senator Chimaroke Nnamani in Bola Tinubu’s Campaign Council was a mix up.

A spokesperson said the party meant to write the name of Sen. Ken Nnamani instead.

Despite the explanation, it turned out that Senator Ken Nnamani was equally captured in the list.

This clarification doused outrage over the revelation that a PDP Senatorial Candidate is rooting for a rival party presidential candidate.

Enugu Metro learnt that the Senator called the Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council to complain about his name being published.

A spokesperson said a today 24 September that Nnamani in Tinubu’s Campaign List was a mix-up.

Bayo Onanuga, the spokesperson, explained that they meant to write party stalwart Ken Nnamani who also bears the title of Senator.

Senator Chimaroke Nnamani represents Enugu East Senatorial District on the platform of the opposition PDP.

He has previously made public statements that suggested he would be supporting Gov. Tinubu for the Presidency.

Nnamani’s on on Tinubu’s 422-member Presidentual Campaign Council was therefore viewed as making good the threat.

It was no mix-up

Enugu Metro authoritatively reveal that the inclusion of the Senator’s name was not a mix-up.

Senator Ken Nnamani, whose name was allegedly substituted, is also listed as No. 100 on the 422-member Council.

Sen. Ken Nnamani is No. 100 on the list

The distinction between the two Nnamanis was also clear from the list. While Ken is identified as Sen. Ken Nnamani (No. 100), Chimaroke was listed as HE Chimaroke Nnamani (No. 350).

Nnamani for Tinubu a mix-up, says APC

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