Leader of Biafra Separatist Group IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, fights with his deputy, Uche Mefor, over control of pirate Radio Biafra

Deputy leader of IPOB, Mr Uche Mefor, said in a Facebook Broadcast that he has fallen out with Nnamdi Kanu, the group’s founder and arrowhead.

IPOB – short for Indigenous People of Biafra – has been branded a terrorist group by the Nigerian Government and proscribed, although it continues to maintain an underground presence in Nigeria.

Mefor said he quarrelled with his leader when he refused the request to surrender the sign-in IP protocols for the online radio station to another.

He also noted that even before the request was made, he found himself side-lined and effectively shielded from major decisions of the organisation.

Angered by the refusal to surrender the radio station, Kanu has reacted by creating another rogue radio which he styles IPOB Community Radio and moved all regular commentators to this station.

“I heard of the IPOB Community Radio just like every other person,” Mefor lamented in the broadcast and wondered what he did wrong.

“Radio Biafra was functioning smoothly, except for Facebook which blocked some of our broadcasts,” he said.

He said that apart from pulling regular commentators on Radio Biafra, Kanu also removed the satellite services attached to Radio Biafra and put them on the new IPOB Community radio.

Nnamdi Kanu leads a rag-tag group of youths recruited mainly from the South East Region to agitate for the restoration of the defeated Republic of Biafra.

The young men have had several run-ins with the authorities, leading to hundreds of avoidable deaths in most states of the eastern flank in Nigeria.

Kanu’s latest show of strength indicates that he still exercises maximum authority over the affairs of the proscribed organisation as well as unquestioned command of the youths that are following him to their doom.

Title. Nnamdi Kanu fights deputy over pirate radio