Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), through his lawyer, sues a self-proclaimed apostle, one Simon Ekpa, for provoking violence in Southeast.

Ekpa is a Nigerian who has taken Finish citizenship from where he is apparently struggling to supplant detained Nnamdi Kanu as IPOB leader.

Kanu’s lawyer and IPOB lead counsel, Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, today sued Ekpa, who hides in Finland to instigate violence in Southeast Nigeria.

Inspired by the directive from Finland, hoodlums unleashed mayhem across the region, tasking law enforcement agents who battled to restore order.

Ekpa and his gang ordered southeast residents to stay indoors for five days to assess how to boycott the February 2023 national elections.

An enraged Ejiofor approached a high court in Abuja today to launch a legal offensive. He accused Ekpa of engaging in a “plethora of grave infractions arising from violent, disturbing, and false declarations.”

Last weekend, Ejiofor made frantic efforts but failed to forestall the five-day sit-in ordered by Ekpa and his henchmen.

He worried that Ekpa’s actions compromise legal efforts to secure Kanu’s release from detention. He also characterized the order from Finland as a state-sponsored ruse to prolong Kanu’s stay in detention.

Sketchy Details

Ejiofor said he will not release details of the case “so that it will not prejudice the robust legal actions already lined up for (Ekpa)” and his cohorts.

In court papers, those sued alongside Ekpa include Juliet Anibueze (from Ebonyi), Obinna Victor Uzoaganaobi, Chukwuemeka Livingstone, and Raphael Chiamaka Ajaere.

Ejiofor promised to release details of the case in “piecemeal.”

The goal, he said, is to use the law to deal with Ekpa and others “no matter the country (they are) presently hiding under its sovereign protection.”

“The full arms of the law shall certainly catch up with you all in the legal onslaught already commenced.

“This is just one in the long line of compelling civil and criminal litigations coming your way.

“The hour has come, and I wish to reiterate that you Simon Ekpa cannot escape from the long arms of the law.”

The high court fixed no date for hearing the case registered as CV/788/2022.

Ekpa and new violence in southeast

After last week’s scheduled visit to the detained leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Ejiofor announced that Kanu did not authorize the order from Finland.

He subsequently sent frantic voice messages to spokespersons of the movement to assure residents of the southeast of their safety.

IPOB spokespersons asked residents to go about their businesses between the 9th to 14th December no-movement order imposed by Ekpa.

Unfortunately, the Ekpa hoodlums assaulted southeasterners who ventured out, killed five Igbo persons, and burnt a police patrol van.

Police did not however confirm the casualties, although they did acknowledge loss of a patrol van in Enugu. Nevertheless, witnesses shared gory videos of alleged victims on social media.

Nnamdi Kanu sues Ekpa for southeast violence


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