Ogbuagu Anikwe & Co assists clients to research and refine ideas and insights. We are a Nigerian registered media and communication business, leveraging the expertise of our proprietor, Ogbuagu Bob Anikwe, an experienced media and communication professional.

Our Services

Ogbuagu Anikwe & Co. assists successful people to collect their thoughts and ideas, write, edi and on demand, disseminate to target audiences. Additionally, we deliver strategic plans that align shared aspirations, explain the role of business, and build trust in the market. Our strategic plans expose opportunities and risks, and help the board, bank, or funder understand where one is headed and why.

Our services include:

  • Strategic business plans
  • Freelance Writing
  • Message Development
  • Media promotions
  • Editing & Proofreading



Thank you for your interest in learning about our quotes to proofread and copy-edit your work.

Here’s our base price for book editing:

Editing Services

Our editing and proofreading services include the following:

  • Copyediting for target audience to improve structure, flow, clarity, word use, consistency, and comprehension.
  • Proofreading for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • We offer advice and suggestions to improve the originality and quality of the content.
  • We also provide amendments and client requested changes free of charge.

Extra Editing

We consider the following as special or extra editing for which we may ask for other charges. The charges are however waived for clients that patronize us thrice.

  • When you submit a work in a format other than a Word or Google document.
  • You send the work in batched or multiple sections, rather than as a single document.
  • We are to copy text from other sources (e.g. blogs and websites) to edit.
  • We are to change the word format from US to UK English or vice-versa.

Similarity Test

We charge special rates to correct issues of originality in works submitted for editing and proofreading. This happens when an originality test returns more than 20 percent similarity with published works. Clients may choose to opt out of this test to check for originality of their essays and manuscripts.

Strategic Business Planning

We create strategic business plans from an interactive process that involves and aligns internal stakeholders to shared aspirations and directions, builds sense of community and trust with internal and external stakeholders, and clearly explains the business role in the market, including opportunities to exploit and risks to avoid. This document helps the consumer – board, bank, or funder – understand the business model, recognize the strategy, know where one is  headed and why this is important. The process is summarized as:

  • Building on internal sense of community that clarifies priorities for the years ahead.
  • Building trust with those you hope to serve and the wider community of potential buyers.
  • Understanding the role of your business in the market, including assessments of the opportunities for partnerships and collaborations.
  • Helping the two key consumers of the plan – board and bank or other funding agency – understand the business model, recognize the strategy, and know where you are headed and why this is important.

Strategic Business Planning is a time-driven business, requiring us to charge for our time based on our experience and expertise.


Here are some of the questions that we have answered from our clients in the past. We are always pleased to get your questions. They give us the opportunity to clarify our thoughts on our services

Are there circumstances where you demand extra charges?

At our discretion, we may charge more than the “standard” or “special” writing and editing rate:

  • When clients require us to work over the weekend to meet a deadline.
  • For rush jobs, typically of fewer than three business days.
  • If client introduces complex style guides to follow or has other very detailed requirements.
  • If the work requires substantial additional research or editing effort.

In all cases, we always confirm the price prior to starting work.

Do you charge more for returning work quickly?

We will always meet the agreed deadline, unless there is a force majeure.

Our standard is to beat the deadline in all cases while delivering top notch standard. For this reason, we may reject jobs if our schedule and workload demand it. Again, rush fees are charged only when clients specifically request us to work over the weekend or indicate that they need us to complete the job urgently.


Can I pay you the agreed fee in installments?

We demand 75 percent of the agreed fee before we start work. The balance of 25 percent is paid after we reach a milestone or we submit the draft, whichever is in the agreement. We will not carry out further amendments or revisions without getting the full payment.

Are there circumstances that warrant your holding on to my completed job?

No, never. We do not delay or hold on to work once the job is completed. This is possible because we will not start without getting the advance fee payment and we will not stop after we get the balance of the payment. The sooner clients submit their work, the faster we will return it.

How quickly can you return work?

When you request a quote from us, let us know when you’d like the work back. We’ll agree on a deadline, and we’ll return the work to you on or before that date as long as you honour the agreed payment plan.

What happens after I submit the quote form?

We will call or initiate a WhatsApp chat to discuss next steps. Once you give the go ahead, you will receive our invoice. As soon we receive payment, we shall immediately start and finish the work on or before schedule.

Payments and Discounts

How do we pay for the services?

Normally, our invoice contains full instructions on how to pay using debit card, bank transfer, or direct deposit.

Is there a minimum fee?

Yes, and that’s the quote for a 750-word newspaper article quoted above.

Do you provide discounts?

Only for regular clients. Our regular clients are those who patronize us three times. This means there are no discounts for first and second time users of our services.

Can I see samples of your work?

Yes and no. We can send you links to our published content across channels that we own the copyrights. In most cases, it is impossible to send you our clients work because we sign confidential agreements for most of our jobs. We can however send you names of people we have worked with if you require references for our capacity and efficiency.

Contact Lead Consultant Directly

Our Lead Consultant, Ogbuagu Bob Anikwe is a renowned copywriter, newspaper editor, and multimedia CEO (print, online and broadcast) with additional decades of experience in media relations, message development, and strategic communication design.

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