Logistics expert and philanthropist Eric Opah gets the nod of the National Executive Committee of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to contest Abia State gubernatorial rerun tomorrow, Saturday 4 February.

The primaries are to replace the deceased flagbearer, Prof Uchenna Eleazar Ikonne, who died in January.

Opah says he is running on a vision of renewal and fast-tracking of all-round development in Abia State.

He is from the same Nsulu as the departed flagbearer, Prof Ikonne. The popular opinion in political circles in Abia State is for a choice of a candidate of Nsulu origin to replace Ikonne.

Opah thanked the national executives of the PDP for the clearance, and renewed the call on party faithful in Abia State to pursue higher ideals through their votes.

He said the party must see the rerun as an opportunity to walk a new path.

In a prior message, Opah asked PDP delegates to speak peaceably and have a calm and calculated disposition.

“My mission is to amplify what Abia State represents as God’s own state.

“Our vision is of a state where truth prevails in both private and public affairs and where citizens trust one another.

“I seek with you an Abia State where we manage public resources for the betterment of everyone, a state where no part or community would cry endlessly for attention as if government was there to supervise uneven infrastructure and social development.

“In the new Abia State, unity is our mantra.

“For government, accountability will be our watchword and the evidence of leadership. It will be a state where citizens and visitors would be proud to live in and always visit and where citizens’ pride is anchored in the character of the project within.”

Eric Opah from Mbubo-Nsulu in Isiala Ngwa North LGA is an entrepreneur, philantropist and community development engineer.

The experienced business administrator is the founder of Fortune Global Shipping & Logistics Limited, one of Nigeria’s foremost indigenous logistics companies.

Opah currently serves as the Chairman Nigeria-America Chamber of Commerce, Abia State Chapter. He is an Associate Member of the Institute of Directors of Nigeria (IODN), president of the Eric Opah Foundation, the President Umunna-Nsulu Progressive Forum, and the President of Mbubo Transformation Group.


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