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Our plan at the National Assembly caucus to free Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from government detention, by Senator Ike Ekweremadu (PDP, Enugu West).

The Senator announced today that the Assembly members agreed on a two-pronged strategy to free Mazi Kanu from detention.

The Caucus is working to defuse tension in the region, he said.

It will simultaneously pursue a political solution that would result in the release of the leader of IPOB, he said.

Ekweremadu stressed that defusing tension is paramount and pleaded for assistance from the Igbo Diaspora.

He also expressed confidence that the strategy will work.

“We did it before in the case of Chief Ralph Uwazuruike in 2007. We also did it in the case of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in 2017. And God willing, and with your support and prayers, we will succeed again in the matter of Nnamdi Kanu to promote peace and stability in our region”.

He requested Nigerians living abroad to tone down on their harsh rhetoric and mind the actions they take on the issue going forward.

This, according to him, is because he recognizes the Igbo Diaspora as very influential in the search for security and stability in Igbo land.

The former Senate President identified four factors fueling agitations in various parts of the country. These are ”a flawed federal system, injustice, poor management of the nation’s diversity, failure of the federal government to secure lives and property, and needless clampdown on self-determination agitators.”

The solution, he suggested, is to pursue dialogue and give every part of the country a sense of belonging.

He, however, maintained that violent agitation is not answer to the challenges that trigger the protests by groups.

Our plan to free Kanu, by Sen Ike Ekweremadu

Don’t turn Igboland to a war theatre

These ideas were canvassed at a virtual lecture entitled “The Igbo in Diaspora: A Perspective” to a South African event.  

The event was organized last night by the Igbo Heritage Lectures and Ugwumba Excellence Award in Pretoria.

Ekweremadu pleaded with Igbos not to allow their homeland to be turned into a theatre of war.

“This is the one of the worst things that could happen to Ndigbo at this time,” he declared

 “The injustices and marginalization are palpable and must be addressed.

“”But by all means, we must ensure the stability of Igbo land because only by so doing can Alaigbo (Igbo land) prosper economically and also elicit local and international support and sympathy over their plights.

 What is happening to Igbo is a sacrilege

The Senator described what has happened in Alaigbo in the past few months as “odd, ‘un-Igbo’, and sacrilegious.

“Destruction, waste of human lives, and economic losses have been the lot of our region.

“In particular, the sit-at-home has hemorrhaged Igbo lives and economy and it is good the IPOB has said they are no longer interested in it.

“No wise man brings war into his home. Our people prosper on industry, commerce, and the informal sector. Most of them survive on daily income.

“Therefore, while we are at liberty to employ every legitimate and democratic means to press for justice and equity, we must all work together to condemn and end the violence, irrespective of whatever quarters it is coming from.

“This is a special appeal to Ndigbo in South Africa, in particular, to wade into the orgy of violence in Igboland and help to restore normalcy. “

The Strength of Diaspora Igbo

“Ndigbo at home expect the Igbo in diaspora to lead the campaign against violent agitations and insecurity in our region. Threats to Igbo businesses, the peace, security, and stability of the South-East are threats to our very existence as Ndigbo.

 The Igbo Diaspora is “the intellectual bank of Ndigbo with extensive exposure to liberal and progressive democratic ideals, and access to international resources.”

He therefore challenged them to “elevate the intellectual content of the Igbo struggle for justice and equity.” 

He posed a question for them to crack:

“How best can we address the issues of exclusion, imbalances, detention of many Igbo sons and daughters in various correctional centres across the country, the issues of clampdown on unarmed protesters, and the challenge of extra-judicial killings in Igbo land without recourse to violent agitations?”, he added.  

One of the ways he suggested is for “the Igbo in diaspora to show interest in leadership recruitment in Igbo land. 

“The Igbo diaspora must show more than a passing interest in leadership recruitment at all levels in Alaigbo. “

“If possible, please, come home and run for elective offices. Those who cannot come home should prompt and support other candidates of their choice.

“The bottom line is to ensure that our local, state, and federal political offices are occupied by our best and those who have Igbo at heart.

“That to me, is the beginning of the real emancipation struggle for Ndigbo because charity begins at home”, he concluded.

Our plan to free Kanu, by Sen Ike Ekweremadu

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