We asked 200 undergraduates to tell us types of part-time jobs they did in Enugu without presenting certificates or showing any specific skills. The list is as broad as it is surprising. So far, these are the 10 best responses we received.
For students waiting on ASUU to call off strike, this is an opportunity to earn cash that you can use to acquire a skill. Check them out and always come back to our job listing directory for when any of them is available. Good luck in your search.

1.    Become a home tutor

The fact that you are an undergraduate means that you have the prior experience of primary and secondary school subjects. The subjects in demand are STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. If you are versed in any of them, why not advertise on free web – especially the social media. Let your parents and relations know that you are ready to teach, and who knows. They may just link you to the family that needs a teacher for their wards.

2.    Set up study center

Following from the above, you can earn more money by gathering your peers from the neighborhood and starting a study center for extra mural studies. Students and pupils in your neighborhood benefit from your high-powered team. Are you thinking of how to get the money to pay for the centre and all the other costs that come with it? I know a group that simply arranged with a private nursery and primary school in their neighbourhood to use their facilities. It worked out well because everyone shared in the profits. They paid the school for the use of its facilities, after deducting expenses. Simply call it after-school care and you will find many busy parents buying into it.

3.    Freelance writer

Freelance writing is also something that people develop aptitude for, right from high school. If you know how to write, target the news and information websites in Enugu. You might find some of them willing to train you for free to write for the web. Most of them require only possession of basic writing skills. Enugu Metro, for instance, constantly trains budding writers. Check out their latest training opportunity from their job portal to earn as you learn.

4.    Ushering

Ushering is a useful part-time job that can net you daily fee ranging from N5,000 to N15,000 and more. There are many opportunities for ushers in events around the city. You know what they do – they work help event organizers collect tickets, lead guests to their seats, answer questions, show them where to find things, and serve refreshments. Ushering is in high demand because people always organize weddings, birthdays, and corporate events in Enugu.

5.    Modeling

Modeling is another of the part-time jobs for undergraduate boys and girls can make extra income. Scouts found one of Nigeria’s biggest models, Oluchi under a bridge helping her mother sell akara. Modeling does not require any unique skills but needs people with certain attributes. There are many modeling agencies in Enugu that can take you through the paces if you have those attributes. It is all about passion for creative and artistic activities backed by an outgoing personality. You need excellent communication skills. Models are noted for patience. Agencies look out for features like minimum height and weight and well-proportioned facial features. It is an added advantage to have a beautiful skin, healthy hair, and proper grooming. If you have what it takes, check out the agencies listed in Enugu Metro directory and give them a call.

6.    Car Wash

Each time I visit a hotel with my car, II wake up to find it washed and scrubbed the next morning. Then I immediately search for the Good Samaritan who did the job to compensate him. Quite often, it turns out to be an undergraduate looking for how to make ends meet. They arrive early in the morning and by 7.00 a.m., he completes the job. Do you have a particularly good hotel in your neighbourhood that you can approach to do this? It is a very neat way to make quick extra cash and still find other things to do during the day without disturbing any prior schedules you may have. I know some others that visit swanky neighbourhoods to solicit for the same job. It all depends on you but the bottom-line is that you will be doing something that gives you income to buy data and eat nice lunch whenever you feel like.

7.    Waitressing

This is one of the most popular part-time jobs for undergraduates in Enugu, as we found out. Star hotels in Enugu actively look for sharp and neat students to serve part-time as waiters and waitresses. It is a job that delivers double benefits, like killing two birds with a stone. You receive a stipend from the hotel or restaurant. And if you do it well, the patrons will drop tips for you for your wow service. Will you take this opportunity or sit at home bemoaning what ASUU has done to you?

8.    Selling products

Many undergraduates make quite a bit of income from buying and selling things. They go to buy from places that guarantee discount prices, including Lagos, Aba, and Onitsha. And then sell for a margin. The roads are a bit more dangerous these days so you might want to tread cautiously on this one. What many are doing now is to set up agentry on social media, use the transport companies to courier the products and deliver only to those with confirmed orders. Be creative and you could make some extra cash providing services to those who need products that are not readily available in the Coal City

9.    Real Estate Marketer

Real estate marketers have now flooded the market. They make the work of realtors difficult. However, you could get the professionals to sign you on as a marketer or team up with any of the numerous groups of agents who share the commission at the conclusion of each sale. Marketers assist home buyers and renters find their ideal property – home, office, commercial, and land. The help owners sell, and prospective clients buy or rent. Agents make as much as 5% of the rent or lease amount. This can be quite huge, depending on the cost of the property. To be a real estate marketer requires no unique skills beyond being an excellent communicator who shows integrity and honesty in marketing his or her property.

10.  Salesperson

Now that you have time, there is no reason you should not scout around the city to see if anyone will hire you as a salesperson. They work in petrol stations, supermarkets, pharmacies, hotels and many more. The job involves greeting customers and helping them find things they need in the shop of building as well as closing the sale. As with the other jobs enumerated above, you need to have good people relationship and excellent communication skills to be able to meet your sales targets. Good salespeople are known to be polite and helpful. Do you know that you can graduate from being a local salesperson to a national or international sales representative? This is possible with your education.

The choice is yours

On the issue of part-time jobs for undergraduates without skills, the choice is yours. We are assuming that you are without any type of skills, which you need badly. No one can survive in the world without skills. Most of the jobs here are part-time and no one can do them forever. But they are effective ways to learn the virtues of working for a living. Good luck

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