Ebonyi PDP heavyweights take leave of Gov. Umahi, after allegedly promising to queue behind him as he journeys to APC.

Umahi characterised this action as a betrayal by party lords whom he named as former Senate President Pius Anyim with current National Assembly members as collaborators.

He vowed to expose the perks he allegedly delivered to each and everyone of them when they were PDP buddies.

Apart from former Senate President Anyim, he named Sen. Sam Egwu, a former Governor as another betrayer.

The Governor told his new party stakeholders in Abakaliki at the weekend that he and his former colleagues were engaged in a game of wits.

The plan, he said, was for Anyim and other PDP leaders to defect to APC two weeks after the Governor successfully crossed over.

Ebonyi PDP heavyweights take leave of Gov. Umahi, after allegedly promising to queue behind him as he journeys to the ruling APC.

The leaders however wanted to be ahead of him by joining the ruling party first but he was too clever for them.

“They were planning to ambush me, but it is difficult to catch the air,” he boasted.

Sources said that this was a masterfully executed plan by the Ebonyi PDP stakeholders to stampede Umahi out of the PDP where he is alleged to have consolidated massive power.

“He would have used that power to determine who governs Ebonyi State in 2023,” a party stalwart told Enugu Metro.

The source said the 2015 debacle will repeat, “where an incumbent Governor defected to the APC and his nominee got crushed.”

The quarrel between Anyim and the Governor is in open court as both trade accusations of corruption and sleaze.

Anyim had accused the governor of not showing much respect after he (Anyim) allegedly sourced N5 Billion to fund Umahi’s 2015 campaign.

The Governor at the weekend acknowledged having received of N5bilion to prosecute his 2015 election but described this as a loan that he has since repaid.

“I was a deputy Governor. Somebody occupying the highest position from the Southeast went and arranged for a N5bn naira loan for me to prosecute the presidential election for his government.

“I had to sell many of my properties to pay back that money,” he said.

He described the PDP party lords as ungrateful people and promised to open a can of worms on the nature of his relationships with them.

“All these people that came together to fight me, they collect contracts, they collect monthly pay, they collect vehicles.

“And when they are asked to bring people that worked for us, they will bring their wives, children and relations.

“Now, they are dressing words for us. We are in chapter one! In chapter two, I will publish all that I have done for the leaders of this State.”