Mbaka replies presidency on accusations

Rev. Ejike Mbaka says he initially did not respond to Presidency accusations against him because they were childish and laughable.

In his Sunday homily on 1 May Mbaka denied that he offloaded on the Presidency because he was denied contracts.

He knocked presidential spokesperson, Malam Garba Shehu, of deflecting the serious national issues he raised to attack his person.

In a sober reflective mood, the Enugu charismatic priest took time to explain that he did not personally solicit for contract from the Presidency.

He explained that he introduced three foreign security experts who claimed they have the answer to Nigeria’s insecurity problem.

The Presidency did not want to deal with them, according to the priest. He also said that the introduction of the contractors happened in during the first tenure of the President.

Presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, had said the priest brought three businessmen to President Buhari and demanded they be given contracts.

Officials told the priest that contracts are awarded through a due process and to follow the process, Garba said.

He insinuated that the priest must have been smarting from the rebuff, hence his decision to attack the president.

“Whoever is saying that is a shame to himself and a shame to the people he is representing,” he said.

He also asked the Presidential spokesperson to respect his person because he is an employer of labour, with over 23,000 persons in direct employment in his businesses.

He was, however, happy that the spokesperson did not say that they gave him money, as many people have insinuated.

“My investments are evangelical investments; I don’t do what I hide. I’m helping the church through labour provision to win souls.

“Before you challenge me when I talk about unemployment, remember that I am an employer,” he said.

Before the Presidency accusations

In the controversial homily, the priest had lamented the rising insecurity in the country and said the President is not doing enough.

He therefore asked the President to either sit up or resign, failing which he should be impeached.

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