Enugu on-air media personality tastes a cup of Enugu palm wine from Ijeawele Bar and is transported into a muse paradise.

Somebody Help Me!

I just closed from the office and the last thing I knew was that I am here!

How I got here, I do not know. I only saw this cup of palm wine in front of me.

How it got here, I have the least idea. Who drank it down, I don’t know.

I will ask Hon. Ohayi and tell him, in that spirit of seeing half glass as half full, as opposed to being half empty, he should fill it up immediately, as the most effective bar motivational personality I ever know.

My spirit needs to be full right now. I think Dili Ogbuenyi should have an idea of what I am striving at.

And do you know the name of the place? Ijeawele Garden, Nza Street, Independent Layout, Enugu.

Don’t blame me. E be awele m nò ka m n’achó!

My immediate problem now: I have just been told that for straying here and unknowingly consuming this, I can only leave if I pay N1,000.

Wahala no be bicycle. Real wahala na cup of palm wine.

Editor’s Note: Ijeawele Bar appears soon in Enugu Metro City Directory. Watch out!

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