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Reduce Cost of Making Calls in Enugu

Want to reduce the cost of making calls in Enugu? eMetro Mobile, an Enugu Metro service, is powered by a special SIM Pack from Glo network to radically change the way that families, businesses and international visitors communicate while in Enugu. It delivers unlimited free monthly calls and a limited data plan for subscribers.

  • Good for families
  • This service enables family members keep constantly in touch, delivers free talk time between husband and wife, and between parents and their kids no matter their location in Nigeria. eMetro Mobile keeps families closely knit, closes communication gaps, and sustains family bonding.

  • Better for Businesses

eMetro Mobilemakes it easy for business managers to reduce the cost of making calls in Enugu. It allows managers to constantly keep in touch with workers with free calls, no matter their location in Nigeria. For Enugu Metro’s Corporate Sponors and Business Partners eMetro Mobile lines are delivered as a registration package. For this category of premium subscribers, it is a free, value-added service to reduce cost of calls. If you own or manage a business in Enugu, see the benefits of signing on here.

  • Best for visitors

eMetro Mobile is customized for international visitors who need local call and data services to manage their travel budgets while in Enugu.
You can lease a line ever before you arrive and have this delivered at the airport or at your hotel. The eMetro line is your calling card for joyful shopping experiences with local service providers who are our designated partners. You get to call them for free, get excellent service, and strike quality acquaintances for your next visit.


  • Register as free member of Enugu Metro

If you own or manage a business in Enugu, go here to do a different kind of registration.

Register as a member of Enugu Metro network

Register to Join Enugu Metro Business Network

  • Make Payment for Monthly Subscription

PayPal is the payment channel. The cost is $75 without and $150 with a smartphone. This charge buys 600 minutes of international calls, unlimited free local calls to Enugu Metro Partner local service providers, 500 minutes of calls to other local networks, and 20GB of 4G data. You may trade in the Smartphone with us on your way back.

SIM Pack Only

SIM Pack with Handset

  • Connect with us to leave your instructions

Connect with Enugu Metro Frontdesk to leave instructions on where to deliver your phone (airport or hotel) and any other legitimate local services you might need assistance to procure.

  • Join a Special Group on Facebook

Enugu Metro moderates three special-interest Groups on Facebook. They are invitation-only closed groups for the best of Enugu professionals dedicated to offering excellent services to members, and to visitors.

Members of each group are highly skilled and ethical professionals. Through the Group, you’ll get a feel of the personalities that make Enugu buzz and sizzle during and after hours.

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