Residents beg on sinking 3-storey Enugu building

Residents living near 9A Egwuekwu Street have begged officials of Enugu Government to complete knockdown of sinking 3-storey Maryland Building.

Government Officials began controlled demolition of the structure on 1 August but are yet to return to complete the task.

A spokesperson for the residents painted a picture of the fear that has gripped them on the state of the building.

“We didn’t see anybody or bulldozer since Saturday; We expected them on Monday but nothing till this (Tuesday 4 August) evening.

“All of us are confused because of the current situation; a building that is half demolished can fall any moment.”

Another resident took over the narrative and wondered what will happen with the cannibalized structure”if heavy rain falls.”

They asked Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to intervene because the structure is “looking more fragile and dangerous now than before.”

Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) began the operation to knock down the structure on 1 August.

ECTDA’s bulldozer was withdrawn when night came, but officials promised to return on Monday 3 August to complete the task.

The Agency however took to Twitter to say that it had “successfully demolished the structure.”

Officials had stated that there were no approval papers for the 3-storey building, erected in 2008 one Donatus Okeke.


A bulldozer pulled into the location of the sinking 3-storey Enugu Building this evening, but is yet to resume the demolition