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SE again spared from Sunday Covid-19 Case Count

The South East Region has again escaped from last night’s Covid-19 count as NCDC announced 248 new confirmed cases from tests done in 16 States of Nigeria and the FCT.

The report shows that in the past three days, the number of deaths have started to rise while recoveries lower steadily.

From 10 deaths recorded on 8 May, number of deaths from Covid-19 has risen to 11 on Friday 9 May and further up to 15 yesterday 10 May.

The number of recoveries dropped from 78 (8 May) to 66 (9 May) before making a dramatic drop to 33 yesterday.

NCDC says the total number of cases reported and confirmed in Nigeria today stand at 4,399 while total recoveries are 778 (17.8 percent).

Lagos (81 cases) continues to maintain the lead in number of confirmed cases, followed yesterday by Jigawa (35), Kano and Borno sharing the same spot at 26 and Bauchi at 20, making the cut-off for top-five most infected States yesterday

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