Chido Nwakanma reveals the secret delights he encountered during a recent stay at Reiz Continental Hotel in Nigeria’s capital city.

Abuja’s Reiz Continental Hotel stands out in offering vegetarian and diabetic cuisine. Even as it hides this offering in the last section of the menu in the room, it is a pleasant departure from what obtains everywhere else. The menu at Reitz Continental is a unique selling proposition.

Offering a menu that respects and recognises the changing taste and health conditions of many patrons shows environmental consciousness. Many hotels in Nigeria offer the standard “rice or swallow” without discrimination on health and lifestyle.

The menu features well also at breakfast. Because it is complimentary, breakfast is the primary offering in most hotel restaurants across Nigeria. I experienced a hotel that discriminated against and denied some guests their complimentary breakfast. Breakfast is a watering hole in this hotel. I ran into a Federal School mate, a director with WAEC in the restaurant, and other folks.

The saying, To whom we give much, we expect even more applies to Reiz Hotel. Reiz offers many attractions and positives.

The location is right in the heart of the Abuja city centre. The movement to and from the hotel is thus very convenient.

The rooms are elegant, spacious, and well-equipped. My room on this trip offered a king-sized bed, two chairs, a pill box, and a workstation. Reiz Continental offered desktops in the past.

The table includes standard tea offerings. They provide a small pack of beverages and accessories, a charging point and Internet connections.

Reiz Continental now has over 209 rooms following an expansion from its beginning in 2006. It claims a Top Three Abuja Hotel standing, but the many new hotels in the Conference City of West Africa give it a run.

I pay attention to the small room in hotels. It goes beyond wag’s test of civilisation which posits that you can tell a people’s level of refinement by how they treat the small but essential details of managing human disposables.

The small room tells the story of attention to detail by a hospitality place. Reitz offers three towels and an extra for the floor. However, Reiz still has the old bathtub that both homes and hotels are phasing out because of accident risks.

Missing are oral care facilities of toothbrush and paste. Moreover, Reiz offers the same low-spec soap as hotels of lower standard and pricing but puts it in a pack. They can do better.

Reiz meets the grading requirements of a four-star facility in the range of services. There are bookshops, boutiques, mini-marts, a business centre and a gym.

Reiz Hotel is a significant player in the Abuja Meetings and Conferencing ecosystem. It offers eight halls of varying sizes for meetings, seminars, and workshops. The Media Workshop of the Nigerian Content Development & Management Board brought me this time.

Reiz Continental appeals on several fronts. I look forward to repeating the experience.


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