Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, confirms legal assistance as government engages senior lawyer to defend the Ekweremadus in London.

Lawan announced today that the Nigerian High Commission has engaged lawyers to defend the senator who represents Enugu West District.

The upper chamber went into one-hour closed session to discuss the issue before it went into plenary today, 29 June.

The Senate also mandated its Committee on Foreign Affairs to visit the detained couple in London.

The Committee will jet out on Friday 1 July, Lawan said.

Police arrested Senator Ekweremadu and his wife in London on allegations of chid trafficking and attempt at organ harvesting.

the london trial

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The couple denied the allegations in prepared statements to the London Metropolitan Police.

On Thursday, 23 June, Police charged them for the alleged offences at the Uxbridge Magistrate Court in West London.

A spokesperson, Dr Ezrel Tabiowo, said that Senate resolved to intervene after a briefing from Nigeria’s High Commissioner in London.

Senator Lawan said he personally engaged the High Commissioner, Alhaji Isola Sarafa, on the matter.

Sarafa, he said, “has done so well to establish contact with our colleague, who has been able to get his team to be in the court at Uxbridge where Ekweremadu was taken to.

“The High Commission has also been able to provide some consular services that include the engagement of some lawyers who will defend our colleague.

“Equally, the Nigeria Foreign Affairs Minister has been engaged here, so that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes steps to provide diplomatic support for our colleague.

“We commend them for giving attention to the issue at stake.

“Because this issue is already in court, we have limited opportunity to discuss beyond what we have done so far.

“I want to urge all federal government institutions that can do anything to ensure that justice prevails in this case, that they do so.”

Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, confirms legal assistance to the Ekweremadus in London.

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