James Eze is in search of a good meal but was taken aback by the poor service offered at the upscale Dolphin Restaurant Enugu

When will Customer Service Revive in Nigeria?

Customer service is dead in Nigeria. We have always known this. We even live with it.

However when a hungry man goes to a restaurant to get something to eat and ends up being kept waiting for hours, you wonder if our collective silence over the way we are treated in this place is not entirely an act of cowardice.

Here at the upscale Dolphin Restaurant, Enugu, diners beg for attention and waiters do everything they can to avoid eye contact with their customers. And they are just a few, by the way. So, hungry diners drift aimlessly in front of an array of appetizing dishes, their stomachs grumbling, their eyes sunken deep in their skulls as hunger digs deeper. But nobody cares. Shebi na dem wan eat better okro soup nah! Them go hear nwii first!

After making a few unsuccessful attempts to attract the attention of a waiter, you slide out of the place with your head bowed.

It is the story in most successful Nigerian restaurants. They take their customers for granted. They hardly ever realize that nobody visits a restaurant except they are hungry.
This is sad. Isn’t it?

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