sinking 3-storey maryland building

Sinking 3-Storey Maryland building frightens Residents

Sinking 3-storey Maryland building is an illegal structure as no records of approval for its construction exist, ECTDA says.

Residents close to a 3-storey building in Maryland, Enugu are in panic as the structure threatens to finally collapse.

The building, at 9A Egwuekwe Street, is near the major lorry park in Maryland, a suburb of the Coal City.

Frightened tenants quickly evacuated the building after waiting in vain for the landlord who has vanished, as was alleged.

Danger is not over, however, as the building threatens to take down adjoining property as it finally crashes down.

Enugu Metro visited the site this morning and confirms that tenants in the shaky building have safely evacuated from it.

Fleeing tenants found temporary locations to hang out while looking for alternative accommodation, residents said.

The neighborhood residents appealed to Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority (ECTDA) to save them from an impending tragedy.

Lives and property are sure to be affected as the sinking 3-storey Maryland building finally collapses, they lamented.

“Many of us have been sleeping outside our homes for the past two days, hoping that the landlord will find a way to bring down the building without causing collateral damage,” said Chief Mike Ene, a tenant in an adjacent building.

ECTDA Reacts

When contacted, ECTDA officials said they were aware of the danger and have warned the public to steer clear of the property.

The warning, they said, was done as public service announcements and was equally put up on the agency’s Facebook wall.

On Facebook, the Agency warned about a “just collapsed building” which it was mobilizing to carry out immediate controlled demolition.

The sinking building could be an illegal structure as no records of approval for its construction exist, ECTDA says.

“Please note that we found no record of any approval of the building in our records.”

The agency has since January renewed demolition of illegal buildings in Enugu urban centres.