CHIDO OBIDIEGWU remembers a 2006 keynote speech by Prof Chukwuma Soludo, which has become like a disruptive vision foretold. The Governor-in-Waiting used the occasion to outline his vision of what Anambra should look like in 2030. Obidiegwu says it is surreal how fate has thrust this responsibility on Soludo’s shoulders.

Soludo a disruptive vision foretold

Chido Obidiegwu

Chido Obidiegwu is a bespoke compere and CEO of Integrad Communications Ltd. He reports from Okija, Anambra State.

I had an exciting “disruptive parley” with the Anambra State solution transition committee today.

As nostalgic as the interaction was, it resonated the echoes of the League of Anambra State Professionals (LAP) at its Second Anambra State Development summit. The Summit held on 25-26 May 2006.

The theme of that summit was Anambra 2030: Pathway to a Rich and Modern Society. The keynote address was delivered by the then fresh CBN Governor , Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo. The title of the Keynote was Anambra 2030: Envisioning the African Dubai, Taiwan & Silicon Valley.

True to type, Prof Soludo was in his elements, given the brilliance of his content and the logic and force of his delivery. Applauses rained.

Stepping out of the transition committee presentation, I therefore pondered on this happenstance. Could it be a mere coincidence that in 2006, LAP became clairvoyant in choosing their theme and anchoring a timeline for journeying Anambra on the pathway to a rich and modern society? It not only set a 2030 timeline but also “conscripted” Mr. Solution to “Nostradamusly” deliver a keynote that envisioned transmutation of Anambra State to African Dubai, Taiwan & Silicon valley by 2030.

Here is the thing. Prof Soludo is billed to be sworn-in as the Governor of Anambra State on 17 March 2022. He is an incoming Governor with the greatest goodwill, more than any other in the history of the state. He will naturally serve for eight years. Now do the math. If we eight years to 2022, we arrive at 2030. Do you catch my drift?

Prophetic and divine

This is prophetic and divine. Did I hear you say “Ife Chukwu delu, odego ya.”* I was the MC at that event. Out of curiosity, I excavated my events archive to find the keynote speech by Prof. Soludo. He quoted the British publisher, Lady Catherine thusly: Nothing ever built rose to touch the sky unless some men dreamt that it should, some men believed that it would, and some men willed that it must.

“I am persuaded to implore you to join in the dream, the belief and the will,” he said.

Prof Soludo also concluded that ingenious keynote with another quote by Franz Fanon: Every generation out of its relative obscurity discovers its mission. It either fulfils it or betrays it.

“The choice is yours to make,” he told the enraptured audience.

“I have chosen the former( fulfilment) and not the later (betrayal) .Whichever way, I believe it shall continue to be well with Anambra State.”

*Whatever God ordains shall come to pass.

Soludo a disruptive vision foretold