Governor Chukwuma Soludo celebrates Anambra’s 31st Anniversary from Rome with a brief message to his people.

Soludo attended Peter Cardinal Okpaleke’s enthronement yesterday 27 August, on the date of creation of Anambra State.

Pope Francis picked Okpaleke as one of two cardinals from Africa installed yesterday, 27 August in Rome.

Governor Soludo travelled to Rome with wife Nonye and other prominent Anambra citizens for the ceremony.

Below is the text of the Governor’s message from Rome to Ndi Anambra:

Umunne Ndi Anambra, ekenem unu

“Today is a special day in the life of our state. Today marks the 31st Anniversary since the creation of Anambra State. I bring you felicitations from the St Peters’ Square, Vatican, Rome”.

“Coincidentally, myself, my wife and a contingent of Ndi Anambra are here to witness the creation of a new Cardinal. One of the two created from Africa is our own brother and worthy son… Bishop Peter Ebele Okpalaeke”.

“It’s quite a coincidence that a new Cardinal from Anambra State is being created exactly today on the Anniversary of the creation of the state thirty one years ago.

It’s not a mere coincidence. There must be something spiritual about it.

Today, those of us from Anambra have come to celebrate with him and welcome him as he Recieves the Red Hat, but also to lift our state up high unto the Lord for his bountiful blessings, not only on the Cardinal but on the people of Anambra as we March on to a liveable and prosperous smart mega-city.”

Gen. Ibrahim Babangida administration created the State 31 years ago from Old Anambra State.

That old State included Enugu and part of Ebonyi State, with Enugu as capital.

Soludo celebrates Anambra’s Anniversary