The World Health Organisation has published the latest figures from the African continent, with total confirmed cases standing at 8,377 infections and 371 deaths today 5 April.

South Africa continues to lead the top five infection-prone countries, with confirmed 1,585 cases, followed by Algeria which has now hit and surpassed 1,000 cases (1,251), Egypt (985), Morocco (858), and Cameroon (555) which today overtook Tunisia (The ).

Top three countries reporting deaths from the virus remain steady , from Algeria (130), and Egypt (66), to Morocco (50). Tunisia (18 deaths) overtook Democratic Republic of Congo (16) and Burkina Faso (15).

Although South Africa and Algeria continue to be the epicenters of the virus in Africa, followed by Egypt and Morocco, South Africa however records the lowest death rate among the four with just 9 deaths reported since the country was hit by the virus.

Also, the number of Americans that have died from the infection at 9,302 is only a third of the citizens that China lost since the disease began from the commercial city of Wuhan, as the authorities rallied to drastically curtail the spread of the virus.

President Donald Trump has continued to bluster through it all as the disease wreaks devastation across his country.

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