The five States of the South East Region have received a total of 7,500 face masks, 550 coverall coats, and 100 face shields, courtesy of Jack Ma Foundation.

Each of the states received equal numbers of face masks (1,500), coats (110) and shields (20), as did 23 other states in Nigeria.

Only 9 states received a bigger share of the infection prevention and control materials and Covid-19 test kits donated to Nigeria by Jack Ma.

NCDC explained in a tweet that priority was given to “states with the highest number of cases at the time of distribution.”

These States include Lagos, the FCT, Ogun, Bauchi, Edo, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo  and Rivers.

The Federal Government has announced that its share of the donation, made in bulk to Africa by the Chinese billionaire, were 100,000 ordinary face masks, 9,999 coverall gowns, 913 face shields and 20,000 runs of reagents for testing.

Except for the reagents which would naturally go to the Testing Centers, the other items were distributed to the states and the FCT.

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