The fourth edition of the South East Economic Summit (SEES 2019) will be kicked off on Thursday, 19 December 2019 at The Base Events Centre, Enugu, it has been announced.

Prof. Bart Nnaji, convener and chair of the South East Region Economic Development Company (SEREDEC), said in a statement that the President of Afreximbank, Professor Benedict Oramah, will give a keynote speech at the 2-day event which has as its theme, “Financing South East Economic Development.”

Prof. Nnaji told eMetro News that the first and second summits held in 2016 and 2017 respectively were targeted at identifying key overarching projects to deploy in the South East to aid rapid economic development, he said.

“The SEES 2018 was about the implementation of these projects; to examine the progress till date and establish a clear-cut timeline for completion.”

The 2018 Summit resolved, for instance to, within one year, conclude feasibility study of a proposed rail network, gas pipeline and hospital projects.

The South East Economic Summit is an annual event began in 2016 by South East Region Economic Development Company (SEREDEC) and South East Governors Forum (SEGF) with support from DFID’s Partnership to Reform, Engage and Learn (PERL-ARC).

The major objective of the Summit is to create an enabling environment for dialogue and development of a practicable working plan to push the region forward.

The organisers have invited to this year’s summit, representatives of State Government Departments and Agencies, Legislatures, SECCIMA, Entrepreneurs, Technocrats, Civil Society Organizations, University Academia and Associations, Faith and Social based Organizations, as well as Community and Youth Leaders.

SEREDEC focuses on six major areas: infrastructure, agriculture, project finance, healthcare, industries and security.

SEES 2018 was concluded with seven key resolutions:

  • Within one year to conclude feasibility study of the rail network, gas pipeline and hospital projects.
  • he SEFCO project development team will have completed the plans for capitalization by year end.
  • SEREDEC to set up mechanism for returning to the traditional method of training and certifying the vocational training for youths in order to give them job opportunities.
  • SEREDEC to support Aba leather manufacturing cluster.
  • SEREDEC to work with project developers to begin implementation of CSR that give sustainable empowerment to the communities and people.
  • SEREDEC to set up innovation center for providing technical innovation for SE entrepreneurs.
  • The Commissioners of Commerce and industries of the South East States were enjoined to provide and publish a properly “manned” compliant hotline.

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