Southeast Governors agree to install joint security patrols on highways in response to heightened insecurity in their region.

Forum Chairman and Ebonyi Governor, Engr. Dave Umahi, described the situation as dire.

“…you are all aware that our economic activities have come to a halt while kidnapping and wanton killing have become the order of the day,” he lamented.

The joint security patrols along major highways of the region, takes off 1 December 2022, he said after their meeting.

The governors resolved to pitch in funds for purchase of vehicles for their local security outfits.

The two local state outfits initiated by the Forum – Forest Guards and Ebebeagu – will presumably share the vehicles.

They will mount 24-hour joint patrol of “most of our highways in South East,” Umahi said.

The initiative is timed to cover the Yuletide and election season when many southeasterners habitually make their way home.

Governor Umahi hopes the joint patrols will mitigate the insecurity in the region during the yuletide in particular.

The Forum pleaded with federal authorities to reinforce security presence in Southeast region, “bearing in mind that elections are around the corner and there are heightened activities within this period.”

Flooding in Southeast

The Governors praised federal government’s support for flooding victims but requested that more be done for those in their region.

They proposed rehabilitation of displaced persons in the region as an urgent, short term solution.

On their own, the Forum said members will pool funds to further assist victims of the flooding in the five states.

“It will be a common project to show synergy and to show sympathy to all our brothers and sisters who have suffered so much as a result of this unfortunate situation.”

The governors however canvassed a sustainable solution to what has become a perennial problem.

“We hope that while the immediate solution is given by the Federal Government, long term solutions will be discussed.

“That is most desirable knowing full well that this has become a perennial occurrence and with climate change, nobody knows what the next year would be like.”

The governors suggested that federal authorities could dredge rivers to stem future destruction of farmlands and property.

Nnamdi Kanu Case

The Governors equally weighed in on legal disputates over release of Nnamdi Kanu freed by the Appeal Court last week.

They took the position that a political rather than legal solutions works better.

“Southeast Governors are watching with keen interest, the development with the case of Nnamdi Kanu.

“However, we believe that political solution is still very possible and so we ask the Federal Government that we are disposed as a people for political solution in this regard.”

Governors Chukwuma Soludo Anambra and Hope Uzodimma (Imo) stayed away from the meeting and were represented by their deputies.

For Soludo, this would have been his first appearance at the meeting following his recent election as governor.

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Southeast Governors go for joint security patrols