A teenager gesture touches Peter Obi as she gifts him with her savings at a radio station in Enugu today.

The girl, Miss Covenant Onyebuchi Okereke, was excited to hear the candidate at a live radio interview in Enugu this morning .

She quickly collected her savings, stuffed them in an envelope and dashed down to the Station to meet with him.

Obi flew into Enugu from Lagos this morning to participate in a scheduled interview with the City’s Urban Radio.

He was accompanied by the proprietor of the Station, Agbalanze Chike Madueke.

The feisty youth waited outside the station to present Obi with her gift to help with his campaign.

Gov Obi came out of the studio to meet with Constance and dozens of other youths who besieged the station.

He spent a few minutes chatting with them before Constance stepped forward with her envelope.

She told the Labour Party flagbearer, a billionaire, that she saved the money to “bless someone” who needed it.

“God answered my prayers today. I live down the street and I heard you on Urban Radio and I rushed down.

“I was like thank God for answering my prayers. Am about to bless a humble man though I do not have a name,” she said.

Visibly touched by the gesture, Gov Obi thanked Constance profusely and prayed for her.

She was not the only one whose gesture touched the candidate.

Youth ambush

According to Chief Madueke, dozens of youths besieged the station to show what they were doing to help Obi’s campaign.

“I think his greatest surprise was seeing the number of youths that were waiting for him after the interview.”

“When we came in, there was no one outside the station building.

“People realized he was in town only when they heard his voice on air.

“However, when we came out of the studio, we could not see a space again. The youths took over the entire place.

“Several of the young people came to showcase creatives they were working on. Others told him of vote mobilization efforts, including registration for PVCs.

Teenager gifts Obi with savings to help his campaign