An events expert explains the key to good events management which can be found in the 5Ws and H that every manager can easily learn.

The 5Ws and H is drummed into the head of every reporter on the beat – as the key to successful reporting of an event. I will explain this at the end.

Everyone has overseen an event, whether it is a self-organized birthday party, a seminar, or a political rally. The possibilities of gathering people together for the purpose of economic, education, social, or other benefits are limitless. Anyone can be drafted at any time to be the event organizer.

Event planning and management is big business; it is estimated to be worth over N25billion per year  in Nigeria, although this has not been corroborated by any research or authority. If therefore you find yourself as the organizer or facilitator of an event, what do you need to know to make a success of it?

It is impossible to cover all the things that one can do to manage an event but there are some basic questions that one must confront and manage, as one gets down to it. Here are six of such questions that are presented like the 5Ws and H of a good story told by a journalist.

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  1. Happy to read Enugu Metro on FB since I liked the link before the end of August.
    I am eagerly waiting to read the complete six W & H of event organization.
    Happy to continue to read Oanikwe online.

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