A business leader introduces MRSMAN agenda to improve the fortunes of MAN in Southeast States of Anambra, Enugu, and Ebonyi.

MAN is the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, an industry trade group.

The MRSMAN visionary is Lady Ada ChukwuDozie, elected last week as first female chairperson of Anambra/Ebonyi/Enugu branch of MAN.

MRSMAN is the six-point agenda she formulated to deal with the challenges of manufacturers in the region.

The acronym represents “membership,” “relationships,” “structure,” “media engagement,” “alliances,” and “networking,” she said.

She broke them down for members in her acceptance speech as follows:

M” stands for Membership: Top on her agenda is to create a strong cohesion within members. She plans to “double our membership base, identify and pursue key intervention areas and impact opportunities for the association.” This will enhance operational efficiency and ensure that members optimise  economies of scale from shared infrastructure and services, she said.

R” stands for Relationships. She promised to further strengthen relationships and deepen strategic partnership with government, other economic actors, and national and international stakeholders.”

S” is for Structure. Her regime, she said, will vigorously pursue erection of a befitting  administrative structure in Enugu. Working environment to a large extent determines output, she said.

The second “M” stands for Media Engagement. Her administration hopes to improve on the branch’s public image and visibility. She plans to effectively use print, electronic and social media to promote the branch’s “noble objectives” and members’ products.

A” stands for Alliance. The new executive intends to push MAN into partnerships with tertiary institutions and research institutions. Others are independent power generating and distribution companies, and organizations with shared vision, skill sets and smart technologies. The partnerships aim to reduce costs, improve production and services, and equitably share risk and opportunity for members, she said.

N” is for Networking. ChukwuDozie promised to improve networking with government institutions, agencies, stakeholders, and economic actors worldwide.

The six-point agenda enables members to overcome some of the challenges in her branch and change the narrative, she said.

The branch hosted the AGM with the theme: “The Declining Ethical Values and Cultures of the 60’s and 70’s in Today’s Current Clime: Causes, Effects and Solutions”

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