Enugu Metro proudly announces the arrival of The Public Sphere, Chido Nwakanma’s wel-received Column. The popular column has hitherto appeared in BusinessDay and ThisDay newspapers before making its way to The Vanguard.

Chido Nwakanma is profound in thought and deft with prose that is clear as crystal, clean as bone. He dissects issues in the public sphere with the forensic skills of a practiced surgeon. No matter how complex an issue is, he cracks it open to expose what lies behind the veneer of bombast or rhethoric. And shows why it matters – or doesn’t.

Nwakanma promises to use The Public Sphere to engage contemporary and historical issues in the best traditions of discourse.

“With Enugu Metro, there’ll be a strategic tilt towards issues from the South East of Nigeria, engaged vigorously,” he says.

Every Wednesday the Column shall focus on public affairs, South East matters, business and economy, education, development, literature and the arts.

“Of course, the column dabbles in issues of politics because of the overarching significance of politics and the choices and consequences that spring from it,” he says.

Keep a date with The Public Sphere every Wednesday in Enugu Metro, the wise choice from the East!

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