All Progressives Congress (APC) standard bearer, Gov Bola Tinubu, unfolds agenda to govern Nigeria if elected President in February 2023.

Mr. Tinubu formally flagged off his campaign for president at the Jos Township Stadium, Plateau State, yesterday, 15 November 2022.

He explained that Plateau State was chosen because it offered a birds eye view of what is possible in the Nigeria of his dream.

“One can see greater prosperity and jobs in an economy humming with activity.  From the farmer in the rural area to the city boy in a bustling urban centre, each will have productive work to do and a decent home to return to.

“One can see a Nigeria where all who want to will be able to build a decent life from the fruits of their individual and collective endeavour.

“From this fine vantage point, we see how far we have come. We also see how far we must go and the road that will take us there,” Tinubu said.

Tinubu thanked Nigerians for believing in the APC to lead the country to progress “after years of backwardness under the Peoples Democratic Party’s administration.”

He then declared that with his ascendancy, “hope is back.”

Building on Buhari’s achievements

The candidate praised President Muhammadu Buhari for the “great foundation he laid for the nation” and promised to build on it.

According to him, Mr. Buhari provided “exceptional service and positive contributions” that assure a place for him in history.

“Here, I thank President Buhari again because he has truly established a strong foundation for the things we are now to do.

“The Buhari administration achieved things in the agricultural, infrastructural, and power sector no other administration has done. 

“Additionally, his government liberated hundreds of communities from terrorists and brought thousands of displaced persons back to their homes.

“Truly the foundation has been set. It is now time to call more builders forward to further construct the national edifice that will be our best home.

Tinubu unfolds agenda

The candidate promised to assemble the best team to both continue with Mr. Buhari’s policies and institute new ones.

On the Buhari agenda, he will

  • ensure overall energy security and resource mobilization for the country by continuing with the ongoing exploration works in all frontier basins.
  • In particular, “speed up the development of the commercial oil find in Gombe/Bauchi States.”
  • continue the “massive development in the agricultural, infrastructure and power sectors”
  • build on progress in the agricultural sector by establishing commodity boards that guarantee minimal prices for strategic crops, and
  • continue the infrastructural expansion so the overall economy may continue to expand in lockstep.

On his own, the candidate promised to

  • Create agricultural and industrial hubs in all zones.
  • Establish water catchment and irrigation systems to help farming while mitigating the dire effects of  drought and flooding brought about  by a changing climate.
  • Encourage urban employment through a national industrial plan that  employs a series of measures including tax and employment credits.
  • Deepen the knowledge economy that benefits millions of the tech savvy, innovative youth and the overall economy.
  • Make room for talented youth in his government, and
  • Bring greater power through natural gas and reasonable reform of the entire power sector.

On Security

On Security, the promises were a bit hazy.

Tinubu promised to give utmost priority to “extinguishing terrorists and violent criminals.”

“We shall augment our military, police and security personnel while providing them with better tactical communication and mobility.

“We will employ hi-tech aerial surveillance to track and attack these menaces.

“These evil forces seek to destroy our democratic way of life.

“I have news for them. We will defeat their destructive way of life. They shall be utterly defeated and vanquished from our soil.”

Assessing his opponents

Tinubu took a swipe at the main opposition parties when he accused them of “dwelling on a fruitless past or a tomorrow of fantasies.”

“We hereby reaffirm our commitment to progressive good governance and to the fruits that such governance can bring to this nation.

“February 2023 is more than an election. It is a fight to define the soul of the nation and to determine our collective fate.

“Do we adhere to the ideals of broadly shared prosperity, competence, peace, justice and compassion toward all?

“Or do we toss these ideals away, lashing ourselves to the divisive politics of the past or to those whose rantings show they cannot distinguish between fact and fantasy?

“One party wants to take us back to a past that never should have been. Another party wants to take us to a past that resides only in its candidate’s head.

“Neither the old road nor the fantasy road is good enough. Instead, we forge the wiser path toward our approved  destination — an even better Nigeria. This is what the election is truly about”, he added.

In Attendance

President Buhari and party chair Abulahi Adamu jointly presented the party’s flag to Tinubu.

The president restated his commitment to lead the campaign to a victorious ending in February 2023.

APC governors, leaders of the National Assembly and party bigwigs attended the campaign flag off.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo whose name was omitted in the campaign council list was however conspicuously absent.

It was also difficult to sight the Southeast APC governors of Imo and Ebonyi States at the Jos rally.

Tinubu unfolds agenda as he launches campaign