Ogbete Market traders in Enugu are concerned that sewage flowing from the Enugu Prison to the central market will cause an epidemic if nothing is done to plug it.

The traders raised this concern during a visit by an NGO promoting the ‘Strengthening Citizens’ Resistance against Prevalence of Corruption’ (SCRAP-C), a collaboration project between the international Action Aid and a local NGO, the Divine Era Development and Social Rights Initiatives.

“We have been falling sick here due to the sewage that gushes into the middle of the market. Many traders have left their shops due to constant sickness,” a spokesperson, Mr. Patrick Ezema told the visitors

A trader, Mr Patrick Ezema addresses the audience as the Executive Director of DEDSRI Ms Ogechukwu Enwelum looks on

Ezema said that the traders would have no option but to revolt in the coming days if nothing was done to stop the encroachment of the sewage into the market.

Also, Mr James Ukomadu, another trader, said that there needed to be a sick bay or health centre in the market due to the rate at which the traders fall sick.

Ukomadu said that there was need for other infrastructure to be put in place in the market to reflect the huge levies they paid.

Also, Mrs Chinyere Ukatu said that the lack of potable water in the market was affecting them.

Ukatu appealed to the government to come to their aid.

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