Southeast edition of Life in My City Arts Festival competition, LIMCAF, takes place in Enugu on Tuesday, 13 September 2022.

LIMCAF Director, Ayo Adewumi, and Executive Secretary, Kevin Ejiofor, today announced the time and venue of the meeting.

They requested artists who submitted entries to gather at Alliance Francais in Ogui New Layout, Enugu, to showcase their creations.

Similar competitions are underway in seven other cities including Benin, Abuja, Ondo, Ibadan, Lagos, Uyo, and Port-Harcourt.

Organisers said the regional competitions kicked off on 22 July and will conclude on 23 September.

LIMCAF is a series of regional competitions to discover and encourage excellent contemporary visual arts created by young Nigerians.

The competition is open to visual artists under the age of 35.

Art enthusiasts and artists launched the Festival in 2007 to encourage visual arts creations by Nigerian youths.

LIMCAF 2022 is therefore the 15th edition in the series.

Mr. Ejiofor disclosed that the organizers received over 200 entries this year.

He expressed appreciation to LIMCAF 2022 sponsors, including MTN Foundation “who is our major sponsor this year.”

How LIMCAF works

Organisers usually call for entries from young visual artists each year.

The artists submit their artwork for review by a panel of judges at an announced regional or city meeting.

Artists with shortlisted entries participate in both regional and national competitions.

Mr. Ejiofor said at the 2022 Lagos competition that LIMCAF helps young artists to earn a living from their creativity.

“Art is a way of life and everybody appreciates it. If not, how do you choose the colour of your clothes or the style of your hair? It’s just that not everyone knows how to manifest it,” he said.

Tuesday is LIMCAF southeast competition
Ejiofor: Tuesday is LIMCAF southeast competition in Enugu

LIMCAF website lists features of the event as “visual art competition, pan-African photography contest, school children’s and art teachers’ workshops, multimedia workshop and the Award and Gala Night.”

LIMCAF attracts “young artists, patrons, scholars, gallery owners and other stakeholders in the visual arts in Nigeria,” it said.