Okechukwu Ayogu argues that for Nsukka LGA, and contrary to defenses put up by hired writers, Governor Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem.

By Okechukwu Ayogu

Dear Publisher: I am writing this in confidence to you, but I authorize you to publish it if makes sense. I am not a good writer but I can put my points across for people to understand.

First, I am from Nsukka Local Government Area and I can tell you that we are not happy with the game our governor is playing. This is the truth.

I read the reply from the Governor’s media warriors over Enugu Metro story on how Gov. Ugwuanyi is disturbing the peace of Nsukka. That reply made me to agree with you that there are people who have been commissioned to write rubbish to deceive the people of Enugu State. The sad part of it is that all the lies that they are telling are against us, against our interest in Nsukka Local Government Area.

Mind you, I am only interested in the part of the write up by one Chukwudi Ugwunna that concerns the Senatorial and House of Reps dispute in Igbo-Eze South/Nsukka Federal Constituency. This is what he said in the writeup:

“Back to Enugu North Senatorial seat, Ugwuanyi’s ambition is not a problem, because it is in line with equity and fairness in the senatorial zone. Nsukka and Igbo Eze South council areas is one constituency. Late Senator Fidelis Okoro from Nsukka was in the Senate for three terms. Igbo Eze North and Udenu council areas is one federal constituency as well. Senator Ayogu Eze from Igbo Eze North was in Senate for two term of eight years. Igbo-Etiti and Uzo Uwani Council areas is one Federal Constituency. Senator Chuka Utazi from Uzo-Uwani will be completing his second term in the Senate in 2023, paving way for Udenu, where Ugwuanyi hails from to produce Senator in 2023. This is a verifiable fact. There is no crisis of zoning of senatorial seat in Enugu North as being propagated and purveyed by Anikwe to hoodwink people and justify Ekweremadu’s sit tight on Enugu West Senatorial seat for 20 years and greedily/selfishly working to truncate the agreed rotation of governorship seat in the state.

I am amazed by the bold lies and illogical conclusions of Chukwudi Ugwunna who I suspect is a fake name. Kindly follow me on this one so you can understand the sequence of events.

Ugwunna says that Igbo-Eze South and Nsukka are one federal constituency that produced late Fidelis Okolo as the first Senator from Enugu North. He is correct. However take a look at the order of rotation of Senate seats in Enugu North.

  1. Senator Fidelis Okoro (Igboeze-South/Nsukka) went first as a Senator representing Enugu North Senatorial District (1999 – 2007).
  2. The slot moved to Udenu/Igbo-Eze North federal constituency and Senator Ayogu Eze was elected and also served for two terms (2007 – 2015).
  3. After Ayogu finished his two terms like Okolo, Igboetiti/Uzo-Uwani Federal Constituency took over with Senator Chukwuka Utazi who was elected in 2015. He will complete his second term as a senator in May 2023.

Just as in Enugu State governorship cycle, the circle has been completed. But here is our question:

Are we still following zoning and rotation in Enugu North Senatorial District? If we are, whose turn is it to produce a Senator for 2023 now? Is it (1) or (2) above? Dr. Pat Asadu is from (1) while Governor Ugwuanyi is from (2) above.

What is paining us in Nsukka is that this is the same scenario playing out in Enugu. The Governorship slot moved from (1) Enugu East, through (2) Enugu West to (3) Enugu North. Chukwudi Ugwunna and the rest of the hired writers are abusing the hell out of Ekweremadu who is from (2) in the rotation order in Enugu. But he is praising Governor Ugwuanyi who is also from (2) in the Enugu North rotation order! Ekweremadu’s action is bad for Enugu but Ugwuanyi’s action is good for Nsukka. You see am?

We shall continue to ask this question. If you started rotation with Igbo-Eze South/Nsukka and it has now gone full circle, why are you abandoning the arrangement because someone from Igbo-Eze North/Udenu happens to be the governor?

Thank you, Enugu Metro for exposing their duplicity. You got it right. Our governor is indeed the father of greed. Our people are going to sit and watch him stay in government for 28 years and nothing will happen. And do you know why nothing will happen? Because they have recruited thugs to deal with anyone who says pim against the governor or against his satanic ambition. It is astonishing that after making sure that his ambition disturbed everybody’s peace in Nsukka, they will go to Enugu and demonize Ekweremadu for what they are doing to Nsukka Local Government Area.

Let the world know that the governor’s position is hypocritical. If he is using hack writers to demonize Ekweremadu for jumping zoning arrangement in Enugu, is he not doing worse in the land of Nsukka? Why is he fighting people for doing the same thing that he is trying to do in Nsukka? Why can’t he step aside so that the peace we have in Nsukka can be maintained by giving the Senate slot to whom it is due – Nsukka/ Igbo-Eze South Constituency? Does the Governor not know that his action is preventing Nsukka from presenting a candidate for House of Reps? Is this fair? Who is fooling whom?

The hypocrisy is just too much and we in Nsukka local government have had it. We will show him that we have the votes to redress every injustice when the time comes.

Editor’s note: Okechukwu Ayogu is a pseudonym. The author’s real name is protected on request as he fears reprisals from thugs and security agents working for the state government.

Ugwuanyi’s ambition is a problem

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