UNTH engineers fabricate handwashing station

Biomedical Engineers at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Ituku-Ozala in Enugu State, fabricate a simple mechanically powered hand-washing station to promote handwashing in the face of the deadly coronavirus pandemic in the world.

Dr. Obinna Onodugo, CMD, UNTH

The mechanical contrivance (see photo) is fed with liquid soap container, a water dispensing container and waste receptable and a WC basin.

The engineers – both students and teachers at the Biomedical Engineering Department – who designed the contrivance were careful in making sure that users of the handwash station will have minimal or no contact with any part of the machine.

The dispensing of the liquid soap and the actual washing of hands are activated through foot pedals.

“The aim is to avoid being contaminated in the  process of turning on the water and liquid soap tab/knob before and after washing,” said Mr. Cyril Keleze, the Institution’s spokesperson.

Keleze confirmed that the mechanical contrivance was designed and fabricated by the hospital’s Biomedical Engineering Department to, as he put it, “improve the hand washing protocol.

“We call it the ‘hands free hand washing machine’ and it is unique because the device enables the user to turn on the liquid soap and the water tap respectively by marching the lever with foot.”

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UNTH engineers fabricate handwashing station for visitors

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