Enugu residents now have a Covid-19 lab testing centre as well as additional isolation centre for managing the Coronavirus in the State.

Covid19 samples from residents of Enugu will from tomorrow, 22 June 2020, be conveyed to the nearby University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Ituku-Ozala for testing, Chief Medical Director, Dr. Obinna Onodugo has announced.

In a message to hospital staff sighted by Enugu Metro, the CMD said the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has already accredited the hospital to carry out Covid-19 testing “using the PCR method.”

Spokesperson for the Hospital, Mr. Cyril Keleze, confirmed the development which has for the first time brought testing for the viral disease closer to residents of the state and completed the circle for testing laboratories in all five states of the South East region.

“Training and activation of UNTH Genexpert lab for COVID-19 testing was finally and successfully held this weekend in preparation for tomorrow,” Keleze said.

… Isolation Centre Commissioned

The federal hospital has also commissioned a brand-new building to house a holding and isolation centre, in readiness to offer full services on Covid-19 case management.

Authorities say that patients who appear with signs consistent with symptoms of Covid-19 will be directed to the holding centre from where samples will be taken for testing in the new laboratory.

“Those who test negative will be returned to regular hospital wards while positive cases will be transferred to the isolation ward in the same building,” officials said.

The UNTH COVID-19 Holding Area/Isolation Centre was commissioned on Wednesday 27 May 2020 by the CMD, Dr Onodugo.

The building project itself has become a source of pride to the Management, as it was said to have been executed through internally generated revenue.

“With this facility in place, the hospital’s ability to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is greatly enhanced and we are now more prepared to battle the dreaded pandemic and such other very serious viral infectious deseases that may occur,” Onodugo said at the ceremonial opening.