Police say they are withdrawing officers on escort and guard duties because VIPs abuse officers that protect them.

Nigeria Police are withdrawing escorts and guards from VIPs and companies who “incessantly” subject them to abuse, says spokesperson.

The new police boss, Olukayode Egbetokun, recently ordered withdrawal of Mobile Policemen attached to VIPs. He promised to install a special intervention squad to quickly responds to crime and other emergencies.

In a statement, the spokesperson, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, described the practice as “worrisome and detestable.”

Accordingly, the new leadership plans to provide protection to all citizens rather than a select few, Adejobi said.

The Special Intervention Squad is more inclusive, effective and caters to the needs of all rather than a select few.

“This strategic shift in approach recognizes the importance of equal access to security services for all citizens and seeks to enhance the overall safety and well-being of the Nigerian populace.”

He titled the statement as ‘Proposed Withdrawal of PMF Personnel from VIPs, Establishment of Special Intervention Squad: A Workable and Unusual Process’.

The spokesperson said the new police boss will provide disruptive leadership on administrative and operational matters.

This, Adejobi said, “will surely trigger a paradigm shift for the betterment of our internal security architecture.

“In his maiden speech, Ag. IGP Egbetokun christened himself a lion and tiger ready to devour criminals in Nigeria.

“He matched his words with actions by rolling out his strategic action plans, including the establishment of a Special Intervention Squad.”

Police plans to also deploy the Squad to “areas prone to terrorists attacks,” he said.

Adejobi said the new policy is not a flash in the pan like other initiatives.

“The new helmsman has already set up a committee to guide the process, including examining the use of supernumerary officers as provided in the Police Act.


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