Ezeagu Twin Cave and Waterfall is a natural wonder to behold and a thrilling adventure for those with the courage to explore the recesses.

The Ezeagu Cave is located at Ihuezi Village in Obunofia Ndiuno community. The village is blessed with so many natural attractions – a serene lake, and the waterfall. The source of the water is the twin cave at Ihuezi, and so to this place we went.

Most tourists prefer to visit the open waterfall rather than explore the dark recesses of the Ezeagu Cave. But this is precisely the reason why I decided to join a group of tourists who visited the site. My phone fell into the water and all the pictures that I took vanished after I recovered it at Enugu. Luckily for me, I was able to find some pictures of others who went to the cave, although these pictures can never do justice to the natural wonder that is the cave.

To get into the cave, there is a tour guide that uses a torchlight to light up the recesses as one goes in.

I was amused by the stern admonitions of this guide. No woman is allowed to go into the cave if they are on their monthly cycle and if they have had sex in the past 48 hours before coming to Ezeagu! But how would they know.

The instructions helped to deepen the mystery of the cave. As a result, a good number of our party refused to go in. I was one of those who refused to go inside, and not because of the two decrees passed by our guide.

There are two caves (hence it is called the Twin Cave) but we were told that both joined up at a point within the cave.

I did however peep in and tried to take some pictures, but it was dark. At any rate, I lost the pictures.

Visiting the Cave: What you need to Know


The tour guides are always around to escort the visitors to the cave. It is better to go as a group; it makes the trip a lot of fun.


The twin cave whose recesses remain a mystery even to the villagers. The tour guide explained that there are other caves that branched off in the interior, some terminating at the nearby village and others that are yet to be explored.


It is better to come with rubber boots. A powerful torchlight  is also needed to pierce through the pitch darkness of the cave.


  • Ezeagu Waterfall
  • Ezeagu Lake


Ihuezi Village

Obunofia NdiunoEzeagu LGA of Enugu State


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