Ways to protect kids writing NECO and WASCE

The Federal Government on 30 July soft-pedaled on its original protest on students writing the 2020 WASCR.

Government now agrees that Nigerian students will join their counterparts in the region to write the West African School Certificate Examination (WASCE).

The examination begins in a fortnight.

The Ministry of Education also released a schedule for three examinations, including WASCE. Consequently, local examination bodies were mandated to submit a timetable for each test for approval.

To protect children writing WASCE and other examinations this year has therefore become an urgent need.

These examinations involve students in exit classes at both the junior and senior secondary school levels.

Most students will write the examination from home while others will be boarded as usual. However, regardless of their location, there are common things that parents and educators need to watch out for. This is to ensure that students return to their homes after the examinations, the same way that they left – safe and sound.

These mandatory precautions were extracted from published protocols by the responsible health authorities on safe schooling. We subsequently tweaked them to suit exit students in a confined environment outside their home for a period of four months (August to November 2020).

Ways to protect kids writing NECO and WASCE

Here are nine simple steps that parents, school administrators and examination supervisors can verify from each school to ensure that the children are safe as they write the examinations. Although developed by the American Academy of Paediatrics, they are nevertheless in line with NCDC protocols.


There are three parties that hold responsibility for safety of the children during this time. These are parents, school administrators and examination supervisors.