Looking back to a previous article on the subject, I dare to say that youth need minimalist lifestyle the most. Minimalism, as we saw in that piece, is the principle of doing more with less. We can explain it further by reversing a common proverb: “To whom little is given, much is expected!” This reverse play on the proverb indicates that even when we have little, we can still accomplish great things.

In the article, we introduced minimalism and some of its benefits to us, our loved ones and the environment. This week, we look at four types of young persons who stand to greatly benefit from living a minimalist lifestyle. They are not the only gainers on minimalism, but they occupy a unique position. Their current station in life limits their space but expands the opportunity to take full advantage of a minimalistic lifestyle.

On Campus Students

No one knows more about living with bare essentials than undergrads; especially those who live in on campus housing. Faced with compact living spaces, students are forced to manage their hostel corners as their home for the session.  Adopting a minimalist lifestyle therefore enables undergrads make the most of their living spaces without compromising on their comfort.

Off Campus Students

They pay more for housing than their peers in school hostels, but their living quarters are still compact. Those whose parents are well off get comfortable one-room apartments. Many are however not so lucky; they may end up in the infamous face-me-I-face-you one-room living quarters. The really smart students team up to pay for flats in better neighborhoods and share the rooms among them. Teaming up is a minimalist mindset that improves health and lifestyle. For those in one-room apartments, taking on a roommate is another good option available to cut down costs. The adoption of a minimalist lifestyle by this demographic makes for a better use of their living spaces and choices. Every undergrad should master the art of making do with small spaces and living with bare essentials.

Youth Corps Members

The standard monthly allowance for youth corps members is ₦19,800, a total of ₦237,600 for the entire service year. This figure is below the minimum wage in Nigeria. It gives a hard time to young people looking for suitable accommodation. They are well aware of other demands on the money. Water, food and transportation costs must be factored in. To get through the service year and prepare for future life, corps members need a minimalistic mindset. Make friends at the camp with people to team up with to secure good accommodation. The journey of minimalism begins from this decision.

Job Hunters & Trainees

The city center is the ideal choice of location for easy access to all the benefits that a city offers. Statistics however show that most low-priced housing are relatively small in size or located a distance away from the centre. Low-priced housing is however the first choice for job seekers and trainees looking to be independent. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle and attitude will allow them to be creative in finding affordable housing options. And in secure, urban areas without compromising on comfort and convenience. Our next article will focus on ways to survive while hunting for a job.


The true test of accomplishment is not wealth or knowledge but our ability to thrive with the limited resources available to us. Managing resources in little things brings better success, more understanding and less pressure in the managing big things. The goal is to survive even with the scarcest of resources – and not just survive but thrive.