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Welcome to Enugu Metro, home for useful news and utility information. In collaboration with Enugu business owners and managers, we go beyond news to serve hard-to-find local business, shopping, and leisure information and resources to make life easy for City home managers and visitors in the Coal City and beyond.

Enugu Easy Shopping

Looking for new customers for your products or services in the Coal City? There are millions online right now, searching to buy what you have. Let them see you right away; list your products or services in Enugu Metro Easy Shopping – and immediately connect to new online customers.

Enugu Metro… beyond news to opportunities

Special Offer: One month free business and family calls

Enugu Metro CUG is giving away (3) CUG SIM cards (from Glo) to the first 50 business owners to sign up. Once activated, the lines enable the entrepreneur to call, chat and do online transactions, free of charge, for one month. After which you can take up the eMetro Movile free monthly calls on payment of a small subscription amount.


Buy and Sell Property in Enugu

Buy & Sell Property

Enugu Metro collaborates with dozens of reliable realtors and landlords to assist house hunters get affordable accomodation and at controlled rates too.

Enugu Local Search Champion

Find Things in Enugu

Millions of people are online everyday looking for where to go and what to buy. Often, they rely on big search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo. The big search engines oftentimes pull information from local search directories. Therefore, when it comes to finding things in Enugu, Nigeria, Enugu Metro stands out as the place to grab quick, reliable information and local resources. If you manage an organisation in Enugu, you should be listed in the Number One local search champion. Millions will find you in Enugu Metro, no matter which search engine they use for the search.

Enugu Metro … beyond news to opportunities

Home – Enugu Metro goes beyond news to deliver local business, shopping, and leisure resources that make life easy for residents and visitors in the Coal City.

Enugu Metro Home Page . We go beyond news to deliver local business, shopping, and leisure resources that make life easy for members.