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10 Best Places to Meet Interesting Enugu People on Your Next Visit

Are you visiting for the first time and wondering how to meet interesting Enugu people? Worry no more. There are many great places in Enugu where folks go to work out, chill out, and enjoy soothing music. From lounges, live bands, garden bars and nightclubs, the Coal City presents non-stop entertainment for the visitor … and residents.

In the daytime, however, here are our best 10 suggestions on how to meet interesting people in the Coal City

1. Street Games

There are many open pitches in Enugu where games are played by both sexes – from basketball to football and volleyball. These are usually places of excitement where tribe and toungue no longer differ. One innocuous question about how to get to a certain location will have you making a friend for life. Or for the duration of your visit.

2. Okpara Square

The beautiful and serene Okpara Square at Independence Layout has grown to become more than a jogger’s den. It is now a place where an adhoc street market exists. Professionals come here each morning to keep fit and look for business deals. Looking for lawyers, realtors, doctors, anyone? Okpara Square in the morning is the place and time to have a great encounter.

3. Professional Groups

Are you a professional visiting Enugu? Whether you are looking for local partners, help to execute a contract, or info from the local professional association, the place to start is Enugu Metro Business Directory ( We have also prepared a special listing of the groups and associations that you may be interested in. You will find the contact numbers of executives of your association, and search to find individual businesses – engineering companies, law chambers, realtors, PR professionals, everyone. Repeat: We have the info on everyone

4. Scheduled Events

Enugu is a watering hole for culture enthusiasts and there are scheduled art and intellectual events that cater for every taste. From the bi-weekly Enugu Literary Society meet to the monthly Nkata Umuibe Talk and the annual Life in My City Arts Festival, your visit might conincide with an African Nights Entertainment whose memory will linger long after you bid the Coal City goodbye

5. Anchor Shops

The two major anchor shops – Spar and Shoprite – have large spaces for outdoor recreation. The Polo Mall (housing Shoprite) also has a large food court inside and a children’s playgroud outdoors. They are great places to meet your kind of people in Enugu and many have taken advantage. Many organisations (e.g. Enugu Book Club) take advantage of the high footfall to organize fairs, attended by parents and their wards, as well as other professionals.

6. Open Markets

If your interest is just getting to meet the hustle and bustle of the open markets, and getting to see how the other side lives, Enugu City has a number of markets from which to choose – from the all-purpose Ogbete Main Market to the Kenyata Building Materials Market and the Auto Spare Parts Arena at Coal Camp. There are smaller open markets in between and you can find one close to your hotel.

7. Parks & Gardens

Enugu folks like having a good time, to be sure. With the public restrictions being gradually relaxed, a lot more of families will now be venturing out to parks and gardens. There is a themed forest beside the Okpara Square that governmet is developing into a tourism spot, and there are other playgrounds and parks, including the one at Nike Lake Resort Hotel.

8. Facebook Groups

Ever before you embark on the trip, you could check out the various local hobby and interest groups on Facebook. A few of them are open groups that you can freely join to ask questions, strike friendships and get a feel of the city, even before you arrive. Enugu Metro is developing Life in the Coal City to serve just this purpose. Many others are already doing it, although most are not public groups. Facebook is the place to meet interesting Enugu people.

9. After-Hour Joints

Enugu sizzles because of some of Nigeria’s biggest acts – Flavour, Phino, IllBliss, Zoro – who are all Coal City Boys. They still come around to mix pleasure and business in the city’s nightclubs and lounge bars. Flavour owns a nightclub in Enugu. The after-hours scene is a mix of fun and non-stop entertainment with a blend of local and traditional dances and songs to spice an evening night out. Post Covid19, the Coal City will surely bubble again.

10. Worship Places

In a reflective mood, there are many places of worship to cater to the spiritual inclinations of believers in Enugu. There’s the Father Ejike Mbaka’s Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) at Nike. It has Pentecostalism versions dotted all over the landscape. There is also a bustling Muslim worship Community with its main Mosque in Asata. You will enjoy Enugu because there’s spiritual food served for you also.

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